Focus on production, research and development, sales and efficient injection molding machine equipment

Project case

Focus on production, research and development, sales and efficient injection molding machine equipment


Focus on the field of injection molding machines.

Talent strategy

Focus on the field of injection molding machines.

MER-Servo Serial

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  • Clamping Unit
  • Injection Unit
  • Power System
  • Control System
  • Product Details

Being optimized by finite element analysis, the even stress distribution on the platen minimizes the chance of deformation while can prolong its life time also.
Parameters optimization design of connecting rod structure guarantee run fast and smooth, small hedge-click.
Oversized tie bar margins, may mold thickness and mould opening stroke can carry larger molds.
Use quantitative distribution of lubrication systems, lubrication of high pressure, high reliability.
Hydraulic motor drive gear adjusting, mould adjusting quickly and accurately.
Low pressure mold protection function.
Multiple ejector mode optional.
High precision control of clamping and ejector position.

Alloy steels nitrided screw and wear resistance of tip sets achievable quality of high performance plasticizing.
Adopted with integral casting unit base, reinforced the rigidity of the injection unit, injection work more smoothly.
Modular screw barrel design, replacing different components quickly and easily.
Nozzle temperature control can be selected PID or percentages, easy operations.
Six-stage injection, five-stage holding pressure and three-stage plasticizing control to meet different product requirements.
Precise material temperature control to ensure quality.
A variety of specially designed screw component options.

Environmental Protection
Heat due to overflow will not occur, hydraulic oil cooling water requirements simply by quantitative 40%-60% of fix pump, using precision bypass filter, good cleanliness control of hydraulic oil using oil period of up to five years.
Adopted with imported hydraulic components, high reliability, long life cycle.
High Speed
Adopted with Japan YUKEN/NACHI proportion high response variable pump, fast response, and compare with the same power fix pump output displacement greater 15%-20%.
Power Saving
Compared to conventional fix pump machines can save power 25%-50%.
Low Noise
Rational design of hydraulic control manifolds, less pressure loss, high integration, the unique quiet noise makes the machine run smoothly.
Taiwan Techmation high performance controller.(Techmation Q8,Techmation Q10, Keba as optional)
Large-screen display, friendly use interface, easy to operate.
Multi-PID barrel temperature control, adjustable independent PID parameters can obtain accurate temperature control.
Automatic mold adjustment mode function, die changing fast and easy.
Adopted with linear transducer control die move, injection and ejector stroke, parameter set more easy and precision.
Production statistics and parameters history, production process control.
Computer hardware fault inspection and alarm function, multiple hydraulic core pulling and rotating release features.
Timing to prevent heating and insulation functions.
Screw cold start protection.
Support for network-attached lines to the remote monitor function.
Screw speed detection and automatic cleaning function.
Fault logging and parameter modification record.
Computer setting automatic lubrication function.
240 molds data storage and robot interface.
Injection end-shot digital, curved line double statistics feature.
Online convert I/O function.
Precision linear adjustment of output pressure and flow capabilities.
Smart segmentation slope adjustment function.

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