Focus on production, research and development, sales and efficient injection molding machine equipment

Project case

Focus on production, research and development, sales and efficient injection molding machine equipment


Focus on the field of injection molding machines.

Talent strategy

Focus on the field of injection molding machines.

Three Platen(Upper 1000T) Injection Molding Machine

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  • Clamping Unit
  • Injection Unit
  • Power System
  • Control System
  • Product Details
Low pressure mould protection.
Hydraulic motor driven for mould thickness adjustment.
Hydraulic/ Electrical/ Mechanical cut-off for safety.
4-step-speed control for mould opening.
4-step-speed control for mould clamping.
Re-generation hydraulic circuit speed up the system.
High tensile steel tie-bar with hard chrome plated.
Energy saving variable pump.
New design clamping cylinder, stronger in structure, stands for high impact & vibration.
Optimized toggle mechanism by computer.
Re-generated hydraulic circuit speed up clamping speed 60%, shorten cycle time & energy saving.
Toggle type mould clamping, which is higher clamping force but lower energy consumption.
High speed in clamping start up stage, slow down in final stage for mould protection.
Adjustable foot at moving platen, in case of wearing.

Digital temperature control for nozzle.
Decompression function to prevent nozzle from drooling.
7-speed & 7-pressure injection control.
Special screws & barrels are available optionally for different applications.
Optional accumulator is very suitable for hi-speed injection for thin wall moulding.
Double cylinders for injection, it is balance & space-saving.
Multi-step injection speed & pressure control for precision moulding control.
PID temperature control for barrel heaters, even & precision heating control.
Linear transducers for injection position control.
Injection screw driven by hi-torque hydraulic motor for plasticizing.
Extended nozzle available as standard.

Imported world famous pump be adopted to assure high pressure but low noise, high efficiency but low vibration. World famous elastic coupling connection between the motor and pump to have long life time and better stability.
High performance servo motor to run the pump directly, then better stable performance, more energy saving, lower noisy. Further temperature sensor insert to assure the motor run safety and quite.
Easy-go controller to realize multi pumps be paralleled on single machine, to can be high precision repeat, stable run speed, excellent environment adaptability and high easy keeping.
Special servo PLC control, simple HIM to get facility and fast setting and multi pump control.

Taiwan Techmation high performance controller.(Techmation Q8,Techmation Q10, Keba as optional)
Diagnosis function.
Control speed, pressure, time, stroke & temperature.
Different size color LCD available.
Programmable centralized lubrication system.
Hydraulic pressure coupling circuit, improving in energy saving.
24V DC solenoid valve coils for a higher safety standard, elimination of coil burn out.
Programmable barrel temperature control for pre-heating according daily working schedule.
MCB heater control.
User-friendly operation, big screen display.
High precision transducer, +/-0.1mm.
Higher repeatability by pressures & flow feedback to system.
Hyd/Elec/Mech cut-off for safety.
Optional fully-close-loop pump & servo-valve are available for high precision moulding.

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